Celebrating One Year of Impact: Fajar Anugerah’s Journey at Terratai

Estherina Daniel

2 minutes read - 05 March, 2024

Fajar Anugerah - Head of Business Development - Terratai

Celebrating One Year of Impact: Fajar Anugerah’s Journey at Terratai

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Estherina Daniel

2 minutes read

05 March, 2024

    Celebrating One Year of Impact: Fajar Anugerah’s Journey at Terratai

    It's been a remarkable journey for Fajar Anugerah as he marks his one-year anniversary at Terratai. From his initial introduction to the company to his ongoing dedication to supporting impactful ventures, Fajar's passion for creating positive change through entrepreneurship has continued to shape conversations and identify opportunities where Terratai can make a difference. 

    Fajar's decision to join Terratai was not merely a career move but a convergence of purpose and vision. Introduced to the company by Matt, he was immediately drawn to Terratai's innovative approach to fostering change. What particularly resonated with him was Terratai's dedication to nature-based solutions and its emphasis on community impact. "Terratai's vision is deeply rooted in the science of nature-based solutions," Fajar explains, "and how it aspires to employ business and financial instruments to unlock and increase the NBS values to the community." 

    This passion for driving change through entrepreneurship finds its roots in Fajar's upbringing and humanitarian work experiences in Aceh, where he witnessed firsthand the transformative potential of small businesses in rebuilding communities. "Having witnessed how small businesses could have the effect of revitalizing tsunami-stricken communities further propels me to learn about how business can be an effective method to create social and environmental impact," he shares. 

    More recently, Fajar has visited the rainforests of Kalimantan and the coastal territories of Aceh to connect with farmers and foragers that are developing more sustainable models of agriculture. Through these experiences, Fajar has become a staunch advocate for those with a vision for impactful entrepreneurship. Ventures value his wide-ranging experience, empathetic engagement and analytical approach, he is a highly regarded support who can connect with stakeholders across all levels of the supply chain.  

    Looking ahead, Fajar's excitement lies in encountering founders who share his fervour for meaningful impact. "When I meet founders with a strong understanding of their impact purpose and vision about the solution they want to deliver for others," he expresses, "it's truly inspiring." 

    Despite the inherent challenges of supporting burgeoning impact businesses, Fajar finds inspiration in the journey itself. "Supporting small and growing impact businesses can be an arduous yet exciting process," he admits. He likens the experience to walking alongside a group of long-distance speed walkers, each with their unique approach to traverse towards the finish line of success. We have to be able to not only tell them but make them feel that they will never walk alone, in their journey of impact.  

    For Fajar, each morning is infused with the anticipation of serving others and celebrating victories, both personal and communal. "It excites me to know I can make a difference to someone each day" he shares with infectious enthusiasm, he is also quick to add that he feels the same excitement when Liverpool FC, his football team wins a match despite usually trailing a goal or two at the beginning. This commitment to his professional and personal passions embodies Fajar’s zest for life and purpose. 

    When prompted about changes he envisions within the space, Fajar emphasizes the need for investors who grasp the nuances of local contexts while adhering to global standards. "Perhaps to have more investors who understand the local context while still trying to meet a 'common' global framework or standard," he muses, highlighting an area ripe for improvement. 

    As Fajar celebrates his first year at Terratai, his consistency in supporting impactful ventures and effecting positive change is a beacon for others facing the same challenges. Here's to many more years of experimenting and creating impact, as Fajar continues to leave an indelible dent on the world through his work at Terratai. 

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