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Terratai is Asia’s first venture builder for nature.
We’re here to build businesses that protect and restore Asia’s most at-risk land and seascapes.


protecting nature by supporting Indonesia’s farmers and food artisans

terratai and Javara Forge Strategic Partnership to scale Sustainable Food Biodiversity Value Chain


we’re beginning in Indonesia

One of the most biodiverse countries in the world is also facing one of the highest rates of ecosystem degradation.

We need solutions that halt nature loss across the archipelago.


we’re all connected to nature

To create resilient, healthy societies we must protect the natural systems on which we all depend.

To protect and restore our natural ecosystems we need a transformation in how we value nature and biodiversity within our economy.

At Terratai, we believe that investing in and supporting business models that protect, sustainably manage and restore our natural ecosystems is a vital step in reducing nature and biodiversity loss.

We want to build community resilience as we face climate change and harness more financing for the protection of our planet.

what we know

2.7 B

People depend on nature

People in Asia directly depend on nature for at least one of their most basic needs 1


GDP at risk

US$19 trillion of Asia Pacific`s GDP is at risk from nature and biodiversity loss 2


Global emissions from food systems

Global food systems 3 generate 34% of global emissions, and these systems are also the primary driver of biodiversity loss 4

$ 700 B

Nature financing gap

$700 bn a year of additional financing is needed to safeguard nature and biodiversity - a gap that cannot be met by public and philanthropic funding alone 5


70% of habitats and up to 40% of species loss by 2100

Southeast Asia is poised to lose more than 70% of habitats and up to 40% of species by 2100 unless action is taken 6

fixing our food systems is one of the most powerful ways we can protect nature

Our food systems (how we grow, harvest, process and consume our food) are inextricably dependent on nature, but they are also the single largest driver of ecosystem and biodiversity loss, and a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. In Asia, growing population pressure, changing diets, and climate change will further deepen these pressures.

This impacts us all.

Our mission is to create and support innovative, impactful, and scalable businesses that are tackling the systemic food system challenges driving nature and biodiversity loss in Asia.

Through our expertise and our investments, we will build a vibrant network of businesses that demonstrate that nature-based companies can protect and restore nature at scale.


we do things differently

We work with companies that are tackling the systemic food system challenges driving nature and biodiversity loss in Asia. Our approach reflects both the urgency of the nature and climate crises, but patience with the complexity of the solutions.

We provide nature-based businesses with a blend of early-stage finance, tailored company-building services and deep expertise on nature-based solutions - helping companies on their journey towards stability, profitability and scale.

Reflecting the pace of change in nature, all of our partnerships are long term, and begin with a process of actively listening to the needs of the companies we seek to support.

Nature based solutions expertise

Addressing gaps in nature/climate/biodiversity knowledge to unlock impact

Business development expertise

Identifying and supporting early-stage companies with tailored, long-term support and training

Access to early stage finance

Providing access to seed financing and concessionary capital to reach scale

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