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To create the scalable, systemic change we need to secure our environment and our future, we want to collaborate with public and philanthropic funders, impact investors, financial institutions and businesses that want to protect and restore nature at scale.

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We invest and support nature positive enterprises that are focused on tackling the food system challenges driving ecosystem and biodiversity loss in the world’s most at-risk land and seascapes.

Our venture partners are innovative, impactful, and scalable businesses who can demonstrate quantifiable impact through one or more of the following impact pathways:

Sustainable agriculture transition

Companies that improve productivity, quality, traceability and monitoring of incumbent food production systems to reduce ecosystem and biodiversity impact through initiatives that reduce or reverse deforestation and habitat degradation ensuring species and terrestrial protection. Focusing on systemic barriers that have potential to scale across the region.

Enhancing value of natural ecosystems

Companies that generate new revenue streams for the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems via Forest / Soil and ‘Blue’ Carbon, Payments for Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity Credits or comparable strategies.

Restoring natural ecosystems

Companies that that target the restoration of natural ecosystems, particularly at vulnerable ecosystem frontiers – often combined with one or more of the other impact pathways. This could include reforestation, reef restoration, mangrove restoration and replanting, reintroduction of native species etc.

Resilient communities

We also expect each of our venture partners to be able to demonstrate how their business models can support community resilience, as evidenced by  measures such as  improved wellbeing, sustainable economic livelihoods and the empowerment and engagement of marginalised groups.

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To learn more about what we do, click here. Our investors share our mission to create and support innovative, impactful, and scalable businesses that halt and reverse the systemic drivers of nature and biodiversity loss in Asia’s most at risk land and seascapes. We are looking for investors who believe in the viability of nature-based ventures and want to build them with us.

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We work with a range of public and philanthropic funders that share our vision for building and scaling ventures that deliver credible, expansive, and lasting impact in Indonesia. We are committed to sharing our learning and expertise, contributing to the growing field of knowledge around nature-based solutions and system change.

If you are interested in supporting and funding our work in building nature based ventures please get in touch with our CEO here.

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To support our venture partner’s journey towards stability, profitability and scale, we engage experts in a range of disciplines to provide our partners with deep expertise across finance, nature-based solutions and business development.

We are building a network of advisors, learning partners and consultants that share our vision to build nature-based companies that can protect and restore nature at scale. If you have experience and knowledge that would support our mission and would like to contribute, please get in touch.

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