what we do

a venture builder for nature

We are creating and supporting businesses that are tackling the systemic food system challenges driving nature and biodiversity loss in Asia. As Asia’s first venture builder for nature, our team provides the resources, expertise and early-stage investment needed to foster the growth of nature-based companies until they can reach scale and attract institutional capital.

we also do things a little differently

Although we are a for-profit company, we are patient, not afraid of risks, and are able to be flexible with our investment model and our expected returns. Unlike a traditional venture builder, we also seek long term engagement with our ventures as we believe this provides the best chance of mutual success.

We understand that no two businesses are exactly alike, so all of our support is tailored to the needs of our venture partners.

our services

Terratai provides investment to companies via direct financing (through loans, equity, revenue shares or other instruments), and/or via ‘sweat equity’ plus access to our venture building and service provision model.

Our business model has 3 pillars

Nature based solutions expertise

Addressing gaps in nature/climate/biodiversity knowledge to unlock impact

Business development expertise

Identifying and supporting early-stage companies with tailored, long-term support and training

Access to early stage finance

Providing access to seed financing and concessionary capital to reach scale

our ethos is ‘down to earth’

We are committed to working on problems and developing solutions from the ground up. We are:

Place based

We are laser focused on creating measurable positive impact in Asia’s most vulnerable marine and terrestrial ecosystems

People centered

We believe that local knowledge and local leadership will create the most impactful and enduring solutions. Ensuring the equitable distribution of social and economic benefits is critical to our work. We are also committed to supporting women-led and women empowered businesses, recognizing their invaluable contributions to innovation, social cohesion and economic growth. By fostering equal opportunity and empowerment we aim to cultivate a more inclusive and prosperous future  for communities worldwide

Science driven

Our investment model is backed by cutting edge research and data, and we carefully measure and monitor our impact

Values first

We are honest, trustworthy and transparent and operate with integrity. We put relationships first. We believe the challenges our planet faces can only be addressed through collaboration and community

who do we support

We expect our venture partners to be able to demonstrate quantifiable impact on nature through initiatives that reduce or reverse deforestation and habitat degradation ensuring species and terrestrial protection. We measure our impact along the following four impact pathways.

1. Sustainable agricultural transition

Companies that improve productivity, quality, traceability and monitoring of incumbent food production systems to reduce ecosystem and biodiversity impact (for example avoided or substantively reduced deforestation or degradation, sustainable fisheries, species protection). Focusing on systemic barriers that have potential to scale across the region.

2. Enhancing value of natural ecosystems

Companies that generate new revenue streams for the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems via Forest / Soil and ‘Blue’ Carbon, Payments for Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity Credits or comparable strategies.

3. Restoring natural ecosystems

Companies that target the restoration of natural ecosystems, particularly at vulnerable ecosystem frontiers – often combined with one or more of the other impact pathways. This could include reforestation, reef restoration, mangrove restoration and replanting, reintroduction of native species etc.

4. Resilient communities

We also expect each of our venture partners to be able to demonstrate how their business models can support community resilience. This is evidenced through measures such as improved wellbeing and economic livelihoods, and the empowerment and engagement of marginalised groups, particularly women, within these communities.

measuring our impact

How do we define impact? Venture partners are expected to be able to demonstrate how their business model creates scalable impact in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Enhanced and more resilient ecosystem services: for example, provisioning (e.g. food, fuel, biomass etc); regulating (e.g. air quality, climate, runoff, soil erosion); supporting (e.g. nutrient cycle, soil quality etc.); cultural (spiritual values, recreation, tourism).
  2. Disaster risk reduction and climate mitigation - community resilience to flooding events, or tidal surges via reforestation, mangrove planting etc.
  3. Enhanced food security - via improved yields and quality of food crops, increased fishing yields, or crop diversification through agroforestry or aquaculture systems.
  4. Improved gender equity and participation: Progress towards gender equity and inclusion within the workforce and community, through metrics such as – percentage of women employed in leadership positions, participation in decision-making processes, and access to training and skill development opportunities tailored to women’s needs.
  5. Increased economic resilience and improved livelihoods - via the creation of new and more resilient income streams for households (e.g. carbon from avoided deforestation projects, or from the sale of new crops etc.)
  6. Training and skill development: e.g. improved financial literacy, business development, financial access.
  7. Job creation: as a result of Terratai supported ventures creating new jobs in rural areas.

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