Terratai and Javara Forge Strategic Partnership to scale Sustainable Food Biodiversity Value Chain

Estherina Daniel

4 minutes read - 25 January, 2024

Terratai and Javara Forge Strategic Partnership to scale Sustainable Food Biodiversity Value Chain

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Estherina Daniel

4 minutes read

25 January, 2024

    Terratai and Javara Forge Strategic Partnership to scale Sustainable Food Biodiversity Value Chain

    Press Release – 25 January 2024

    Bali, Indonesia – Terratai, the pioneering venture builder for nature in Asia, is delighted to announce a unique alliance with Javara Indonesia, designed to support smallholder farmers and accelerate nature-based innovations across Indonesia. 

    Through this collaboration, Terratai will extend vital working capital to Javara, bolstering their mission to collaborate with Indonesia's 18,000 farmers, foragers, and food artisans to introduce indigenous food products to the global market. With Terratai’s support, Javara will be able extend support to over 1000 farmers at the forest and farm frontier, contributing directly to the improved management, protection, and restoration of nature in Indonesia’s most critical ecosystems.  

    The partnership underscores Terratai's dedication to supporting food systems businesses that offer nature-based innovations (NBS) for the protection and restoration of nature on a large scale and is a direct result of the inaugural Indonesia Business & Investment Forum on Nature-Based Innovation (IBIFNI) in Festival Lestari 5, held by LTKL (Sustainable District Association) in June 2023.  LTKL has proven to be a crucial link between key stakeholders in the food supply chain, ensuring robust support for development of sustainable commodities at district level. Terratai's involvement guarantees the efficient mobilization of critical technical assistance, financing, and incentives to these many and varied businesses spread across the archipelago. 

    Key Highlights of the Collaboration: 

    Blended Finance for Impact:
    Javara, playing a key role in the entire food biodiversity ecosystem and supply chain, from source to the lucrative market, needs timely, relevant, and flexible financial solutions. Terratai, as a long-term partner with global networks and local expertise, can adeptly unlock financial solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each enterprise. 

    Tailored Support for Sustainable Development:
    Terratai's engagement model extends beyond financial support, providing tailored solutions to empower Javara in their pursuit of sustainable agriculture and responsible supply chains. 

    Addressing Systemic Challenges:
    Terratai and Javara jointly aim to confront systemic challenges in the food industry that contribute to nature and biodiversity loss, fostering positive change in the agricultural landscape. 

    Matt Leggett, CEO of Terratai, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "Terratai is thrilled to partner with Javara  - they have long understood that the best way to protect Indonesia’s natural heritage is to work alongside small farmers. Our commitment to nature-based innovations aligns seamlessly with Javara's mission, and together, we look forward to making a meaningful impact on the challenges facing our food systems." 

    Helianti Hilman,  founder of Javara, shared her perspective on the partnership, saying, "Partnering with Terratai is a strategic move for Javara as we continue our journey in developing a sustainable food biodiversity value chain. With Terratai's support, we are confident in our ability to scale our initiatives, empower local partners, and contribute to the broader goals of nature conservation." 

    Ristika Putri Istanti, the Head of the LTKL Secretariat, emphasized the importance of collective action among stakeholders in realizing sustainable development focused on environmental protection and enhancing community well-being, “We are glad that this year's festival and business forum hosted by LTKL  encouraged more parties to work together towards the realization of the sustainable district. The collaboration between Terratai and Javara is one concrete action in our Value Chain Collaboration approach, with Koalisi Ekonomi Membumi (Earth-centred Economy Coalition), where funders and venture builders like Terratai join hands with a partner such as Javara to boost transactions and investments in nature-based production in districts committed to sustainability. This commitment creates opportunities for incentives to be channeled to local communities committed to conserving the ecosystem through sustainable agriculture and production, Ristika concluded. 

    This collaboration exemplifies a shared commitment to fostering sustainable development, addressing systemic challenges, and creating positive change in the agriculture sector. Both companies eagerly anticipate the transformative impact of this partnership on Indonesia's agricultural and environmental landscape. 


    For media inquiries, please contact: 

    Estherina Daniel
    Terratai – Senior Advisor
    [email protected]
    +61 412 845 402 

    Tinus Hariadi
    Javara - Marketing Communications Manager
    [email protected]
    +62 817 481 8085


    Terratai is Asia's first venture builder for nature, focused on small businesses delivering nature-based solutions. Terratai’s mission is to bridge the gap in early-stage capital for nature-based ventures to support and scale impactful initiatives that address systemic challenges in the food system and environmental conservation. The organization offers impact orientated businesses support by providing financial solutions, NBS technical expertise and business development.

    Javara is Indonesia’s leading brand for organic and natural food products with the mission of sustaining forgotten food biodiversity, indigenous wisdom, and culinary culture to address the global healthy lifestyle market. Javara is the flagship brand of PT Kampung Kearifan Indonesia, an award-winning purpose-driven enterprise that works across the value chain.  In partnership with tens of thousands smallholder farmers and food artisans, it delivers gourmet quality, organic, natural, and artisanal food products from across the archipelago that meet the global standards and appetite.

    Founded in 2017, the Sustainable District Forum (Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari, or LTKL), a district government association, was formed and overseen by various regency administrations as part of the Regency Administrations Association (APKASI) caucus. Its objective is to realize a sustainable economic vision that upholds environmental preservation and enhances community well-being in the spirit of mutual participation, or gotong royong, involving multiple stakeholders. LTKL is committed to supporting the implementation of sustainable development at the district level, contributing to national priorities by protecting environmental functions, and improving the welfare of communities within the administrative areas of its member districts following national targets.

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